Acronyms, Abbreviations and Jargon

There is a Glossary from Google located HERE, but much of the game jargon is missing.  Below you will find some additional terms, abbreviations and acronyms that are specific to our area or to the game of Ingress.

ADA – Very rare game objects that will flip an Enlightened Portal to Resistance control.

Battlewagon – A term many in ingress use to describe a large vehicle packed with agents all playing together.

Brick – Filling all 4 mod slots so the portal can not accept better mods.

BGAN – Broadband Global Area Network.  Global satellite network enabling internet access almost anywhere on the globe.  (See ZC).

BIOBID – Burn it Out, Burn it Down – Dirty hack enemy portal(s) until burned out, then destroy and capture it .

BLAP – Blue Link Amp Portal (also see Pineapple) – A Pineapple which is ADA’d to create a worthless blue portal. Also refereed to as Campfiring, the “Dick move” or hot dogging in other regions.

CV – Country Village (See Farms)

Cypress – Cypress Lawn Cemetery – (See Farms)

Cap – To add the first resonator to a portal (CAPture); or to reach maximum inventory CAPacity (2,000 items)

Couch or Couch Portal – A portal close to an agents home.  Ideally close enough to be hacked from the couch.  Similar to a Work Portal,

Dirty hack – Hack an enemy portal.

DM – Direct Message – same as PM or Personal Message

DtLks – Downtown Lake Stevens

EvCC – Everett Community College

Farm – Cluster of L8 portals

FB5F – Simple name for Family Friendly Friday Farms, always walking farms.

Frog – Enlightened (green ) agent

FF – Flash Farm

GF – Granite Falls

Guardian – A portal which is held for a length of time sufficient to earn the Guardian Badge.  (See Hints and Tips)

HANI – Hack Acquired No Items – Occurs when traveling at speeds above speed lock (approximately 50 kph or 35 mph).

HS – Heat Sink

Key Farming – Hacking a large number of keys from a single portal (See Hints and Tips)

Jarvis or Jarvis Virus – Very rare game objects that will flip a Resistance Portal to Enlightened  control (change blue to green).

JP – Jennings Park (See Farms)

L8, L8E or L8R – Level 8 (Enlightened or Resistance).  Also refers to a Farm (See P8).

LHP – Lynwood Heritage Park – (See Farms)

LMP or ALMP – American Legion Memorial Park (See Farms)

LUBE – Lawson Power Cube.

LVP – Lynwood Veterans Park (See Farms)

mAh – Milli Amp Hours, a measure of  battery capacity

MH – MultiHack

MSVL – Marysville

MU – Mind Units

Muff or Muff Box – slang for MUFG Capsule (More info)

Narbeck – Narbeck Wet;lands Sanctuary – (See Farms)

Op – Operation

P8, P8E or P8R – Level 8 portal (Enlightened or Resistance)

PC or Pube – Power Cube (See also Lube).

Pineapple – A portal with 8 L1 resonators deployed directly on portal and 4 Link Amps as MODS.  No tactical game use, done only for fun.  (See BLAP)

Pop Up Guardian – A guardian which has reached maturity  but the owner had no resonator installed.  When owner installs a resonator the length of time owned pops up as guardian, often earning the badge immediately.

Res or Reso – Resonator

SMM – Saint Mary Magdalene (See Farms)

Smurf – Resistance (blue) agent

ToS = Terms of Service.  What you agreed to when you installed Ingress on your phone.  See the complete text HERE

VR – Very Rare

WT or Willis – Willis Tucker Park or Willis Tucker Dog Run – (See Farms)

XFAC – Cross FACtion-

ZC – Zero Cell.  An area with no cell  phone coverage.  Ingress accessible only via satellite (See BGAN)

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