Hints, Tips and Tricks

Below are some topics you should understand to improve your game.  Many of these techniques are missed during agent training and when first leveling. If you have something to add or have a comment or question please drop an e-mail to BountyHunter@SnoCoEnlightened.com

Using GroupMe –

Although Google Hangouts works for many areas, we believe that GroupMe offers us a more secure environment for communicating and coordinating.  Download “GroupMe” from the Android app store or Apple Store and install in on your phone.  There is also a version for your laptop.


What is a guardian?
A guardian is a portal set up by a player in the hopes of maintaining ownership and getting the black (Onyx)150 day guardian badge.

What do they look like?
A guardian, customarily, has three characteristics:

  • It is in the middle of nowhere;
  • It usually has a single L7 and L8 reso on it and;
  • It has very heavy shields for such a strange location and low level portal.

Accidental Guardian – Some players are fortunate to have captured a portal in plain sight during normal play, but it was never recaptured, thus earning them the coveted guardian  badge.

I’ve found a guardian. What do?
If it’s green (Enlightened) don’t upgrade it (don’t add more resonators). Having just an L7 and an L8 reso makes it a level 1 portal and these are not normally visible on the Intel map.

If there are mod spots open add two good shields.  The original owner can only place two mods, leaving two spots open.

If it’s blue (Resistance) you have to decide. Do you kill a guardian? Some players feel killing an enemy guardian is good strategy to keep people from getting the badge since at high levels badges are a requirement for leveling up.  However, with new badges being added the guardian badge is not as important as it once was.  Additionally, destroying a guardian adds very little advantage to your team,  and is often taken as a personal attack by the owner.  You have to decide how you want to play the game.

Glyphing –

Unfortunately, many players don’t learn about glyph hacking until they reach higher levels.  Glyphing is one of the easiest ways to achieve a black (Onyx)  badge, but it requires some practice to master.  If you start in the early stages of your game play you will develop the skill over time and the black translator badge could be your first!

A glyph is a puzzle in the form of glyphs (shapes) that appear on your scanner screen in sequence.  You need to then trace them back onto the screen in exactly the same order.  The glyph game is initiated by long-pressing the HACK button.  The game can be aborted by pressing the ABORT button during the glyph display.

The number of glyphs displayed depends on the level of the portal.  An L1 portal gives 1 glyph, L2 and L3 portals give 2 shapes etc.  An L8 portal will produce 5 glyphs.  Repeating any of the shapes correctly will earn you bonus items in addition to the normal items.  Successfully repeating all the glyphs will earn even more gear and you are awarded glyph hack points.  These points are accumulated toward your Translator Badge.

Perfect 1-Glyph Hack: 1 Point
Perfect 2-Glyph Hack: 2 Points
Perfect 3-Glyph Hack: 4 Points
Perfect 4-Glyph Hack: 8 Points
Perfect 5-Glyph Hack: 15 Points

Image result for glyph hacking badgeHints for successfully learning to glyph:  The glyph symbols represent a language, the Language of the Shapers.  So the sequence of glyphs is actually a message.  Learn the meaning of each glyph symbol early in the game and avoid the tendency to give them your own made-up names.  Look at the sample in the graphic to the left.  Remembering “DEFEND HUMAN CIVILIZATION SHAPERS LIE” is way easier to remember than “V shield tray rocket broken-tie”.  As with any skill, practice makes perfect and with glyphs, they have to be perfect to get the points. Looking for a resource for more info about glyphing, including the illusive “imperfect glyph”?  Try ingress.tv/glyphs.html

Here are some apps for you phone that will give you an opportunity to practice without being at an actual portal.


Badges –

Many newcomers to the game don’t work on getting badges until they pass level 8 and realize that in order to reach higher levels they will need to accumulate badges as well as AP.  DON’T WAIT!  You should start to work on badges as soon as you make your first hack.

Recharging –

Once a resonator is deployed onto a portal it isn’t there forever.  Resonators will decay over time and will eventually self destruct.   If you have a key to a portal you can recharge it remotely.  Click these links to learn more about Portal Decay  and Remote Recharging.

Using COMM –

The agent communication tool, COMM, is accessed by tapping the COMM tab in the lower right corner of the scanner.  There are three modes of communication or “channels”, All, Faction and  Alerts

All vs Faction – Although the Faction channel is designed for communication only with players of your faction, it is not secure.  There are many players on both factions who have access to the opposing teams communications. For this reason, do not discuss specifics of team operations on COMM, use GroupMe.

AlertFlagAlerts – The Alert channel contains information about attacks on your portals as well as communications directed to you.   When the COMM channel is minimized an alert will appear next to the tab if you receive a direcAgentCOMMt message. You can send a COMM to a player y typing the @ symbol and the agent name.  If their agent name is on the COMM screen you can long press on their name and select “Send Message”.  The agent name will auto populate in the address field where you can then enter your message.  Be sure to check that you have selected FACTION if you don’t want your message shared with everyone.  This same screen has a “Block agent” option if your do not wish to see any messages from the selected agent.

rangescaleRange setting – You can use the sliding scale to adjust the range of messages you see.  At the Global scale, your scanner will display every message sent by every agent on the earth!

Check Player Profile –

Power Bonus Firing XMP –

Linking Distance and Link Amps-

XM Management –

WiFi Off –

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“No Item” Hacks –

Capsules –

Regions and time checks-

Game Objects Have Levels –

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